Langley Pet Store

Our Langley Pet Store is stocked with a great selection of pet toys, leashes, collars, pet dishes, prescription pet food, and pet supplements. We have many popular toys for your dog and cat to play with to encourage healthy habits.

Langley pet store promotes exercise & pet toys

Exercise is important to your pet; dogs especially needs lots of daily exercise to promote balanced mental and physical traits. A dogs extinct is to roam. When dogs were wild they would roam all day looking for food.

Exercising your dog on a daily basis encourages good behaviour. When your dog is tired from a run, your dog will have a calmer mind and be more receptive to training and behaviour modification cues. We like to see your pet active and healthy. Come down and find the best pet toys for your pet to play with. It’s important for your pet’s mental and physical health that they get outside on a regular daily basis to burn off excess energy.

We are the one stop shop for your bests needs. Our hours are:

Monday – Saturday: 8am-9pm

Sunday: 8:30am-9pm

Give us a call at: 604-534-4813