The Langley Animal Clinic Wishes you a Pet Safe summer

The Langley Animal Clinic Wishes you a Pet Safe summer

Sizzling Summer Safety Do’s and Don’ts for Pets:

DON’T leave your pet in the the car when its warm or sunny. Cars can heat up very quickly and become fatal to dogs or cats.

DO be extra careful if your pet is in this group: Any pet can be a victim of  heatstroke, but flat-faced breeds, such as English and French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers and Pekingese cannot breathe and pant as effectively, and can get heatstroke very quickly.

DO go for walks at dawn and dusk, when its coolest. This will also prevent your pup from burning its paws on the hot concrete.

DON’T leave your pet unattended near a pool. Also, don’t take your pet on a boat unless he has his own personal  floatation device(PFD). Some pets don’t swim well, can’t swim for long periods, or don’t swim at all.

DO provide lots of shade and water. Tree shade, umbrellas or tarps are ideal, as they allow airflow. Dog houses can heat up and cause heat stress.

DO recognize heatstroke: take your pet to the vet if you see excessive panting, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, rectal temperature greater than 40C/104F, collapse or seizures.

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