Winter Pet Hazards

Winter Pet Hazards

Winter Pet Hazards

Our pets have similar needs as we do in the winter months , warmth, good nutrition, fresh air, sufficient exercise. Here are a few other things you should consider to help winterize or prepare your pets for the cold weather and avoid Winter Pet Hazards. 

Bang the car  hood!– Cats are known to climb into a car engine to stay warm. Try to locate your outdoor cats before you turn over the ignition. Recently a very pregnant cat turned up at a local dealership under the hood of a truck, thankfully she was okay and her kittens were all born healthy.

Antifreeze-This stuff is deadly! When changing the fluids in your radiator be sure your cat is out of harms way and clean up any spills. Check for leaks in your driveway or garage. Antifreeze has a very sweet taste that both cats and dogs will be drawn towards eating. If you observe your pet licking any antifreeze please contact us immediately.

Sharp/Slippery ice– This can cut into your dogs paws.  Some dogs will get balls of ice and snow stuck between their toes, these should be gently removed. Try to prevent these by asking your groomer to trim the hair shorter between the toes.

Avoid playing with your dog on an icy surface, dogs can slip and become injured. Older arthritic dogs may have a hard time walking on an icy surface and may need booties to help give them traction and support.

Salty Surfaces-Excessive paw licking is a common presentation during this time of year. There are a few different causes for this; one of them you can help prevent by washing your dogs paws after walking them on surfaces that have been treated with salt or ice melter. These can cause irritation to the sensitive skin on  and around the pads resulting in excessive licking.

Cats need to kept away from salt as well. They can  over-ingest salt which can be dangerous to their health.

The Langley Animal Clinic is here to help with any questions you have about your pets or Winter Pet Hazards. You can either email us at, or Phone us at 604-534-4813.