All You Need To Know About Cats.

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All You Need To Know About Cats.

The Essential & Optional Shots For Your Pet Cat

There are two general categories of pet vaccines, essential and optional. In order to qualify your pet your vet will ask you questions about your cat’s lifestyle and any specific concerns you may have. These days after the initial courses, durations of immunity for some vaccines are longer than they used to be so you should ask which protocol your vet advises or uses in their clinic.

Feline herpes virus, feline Feline Panleukopenia Virus and Feline Calicivirus are considered core advised vaccines.

Optional vaccines include Feline Leukemia Rabies, Chlamydia and Bordetella.

The Potential Concerns of Having a Cat With a Runny Nose

The most common cause of a runny nose is cat flu, which is often accompanied by coughing, sneezing and a potential eye infection. A trip to your vet will help determine what the cause of the runny nose is. In confirmed or suspected cases of flu there are a few different methods of treating your pet cat. Medication treatments prescribed by your vet are the most direct way of tackling the flu but there are some non-medicinal things you can do at home as well. Just like us, steam acts as a good natural decongestant so putting your cat in your bathroom or shower room (not in the stall obviously!) to steam will help. Due to the congestive nature of the flu your cat may experience a decrease in appetite due to their large dependence on smell, so it is imperative that you relieve its congestion as quickly as possible. Offering slightly warmed wet cat food or a favorite treat such as chicken or tuna will generally help them get over their flu. This is similar to the treatment we humans execute when we opt for a bowl of chicken soup during the days we are sick.

The 3 Main Reasons For a Cat To Lose Fur

  1. Allergic disease: most commonly attributed to flea allergies. Generally fleas cause little to no problem for a cat, however certain susceptible individuals do develop an allergic reaction to the flea saliva originating from its bite. This could lead to intense irritation, itching and over-grooming that leads to hair loss. Your vet can usually spot either live fleas or signs of their presence on your cat and can prescribe medications to eliminate the flea issue. They can also give medications to alleviate the itching that may lead to fur loss. On rare occasions cats can suffer from food allergies, which manifest as hair loss. Weather its fleas or food allergies it is best to visit your vet before making a final conclusion.
  2. Behavioral: Cats, like humans can suffer anxiety disorders, which can in some instances manifest as obsessive over-grooming leading to hair loss. Sometimes the cause of this anxiety can be identified through the questions your vet would ask you about your pet. Common examples might be a recent move to a new location, a new pet or a new baby in some cases. In some cases changes to your cats management routine such as a new litter tray, can be profoundly upsetting. If a cause can be identified early, a simple altering of the cat’s management routine can stop the problem.  If that doesn’t work a natural pheromone product such as Feliway is often started as a first option. In cases where management changes and pheromone products prove ineffective medications might be prescribed.
  3. In some chronic illnesses hair loss is a feature of Hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone in the body) and diabetes (prolonged high blood sugar) are probably the most common of these.

Why Is My Cat Vomiting?

If you cat is profusely vomiting all of a sudden the best course of action is to immediately see your vet. If your cat is vomiting 2-3 times a week and has been doing so for years you should book an appointment and discuss this with your vet. If your cat has any fur ball issues then use a remedy as often as possible and BRUSH your cat lots in order to reduce its fur balls.  Make sure your cats diet does not vary too much as sometimes rotating through different food leads to finding one your cat is sensitive to. If you find one that works stick to it don’t change. For chronic vomiting that persists, testing and diagnostics is warranted to pin down the problem.

Should I Worry If My Cat Has Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a fairly common medical complaint. In most cases diarrhea is self limiting, meaning it gets better on its own much as it does in people. While most cases are fairly benign its always better to get your cat checked.

Sometimes Cats Show Their Love By Biting You

In most cases biting can be attributed to a sense of play. When cats play with their kin they will often bite one another not to hurt, but to indulge themselves in a playful game. We see these scenarios not only with cats but also throughout the animal kingdom. The best way around this is to try and avoid the types of things that trigger it. In some cases you might be touching your cat in an area that’s sore, which might trigger the biting. If you believe that is the case then you should get the issue checked out.

What To Do If My Cat Cut Her Paw?

Bring the cat in and we can assess it. In cases where the wound is superficial, simply bathing it with antiseptic will help. For deeper cuts, bandaging the wound to protect it while it heals or suturing might be required.

Reasons Why My Cat is Developing Skin Sores

Although skin sores are not common they are possible and can usually be attributed to a flea allergy, ringworms or other types of sin infections. A visit to the clinic would help pin down the problem.

Proper Cat Grooming Etiquette

Grooming is a good way of bonding with your cat and we recommend daily grooming to keep the cat’s coat clean and to reduce fur balls. Brushing your cat’s coat also helps distribute the natural oils that give your cat’s coat a nice silky gloss. Grooming also helps remove dead loose hair thereby reducing the likelihood of the knots in its hair. On a practical level grooming your cat will also reduce the amount of fur you have to clean up from the house and for those allergy sufferers reducing dander exposure will help too. For some cats, especially those with short noses such as the Persian they need to be groomed by their owners as they find it difficult to manage this activity without help. We also provide lion shave cuts for cats. And will clip out mats if needed. Please see our Grooming for cats page.