Are There Any Amazing Vets in Langley?

Small lamb in Langley

Are There Any Amazing Vets in Langley?

You may have just moved to the area or you’re a new and proud parent of a pet. Either way, you’ve started putting out your feelers for a new vet in Langley. Look no further than Langley Animal Clinic! We know that your pet is an irreplaceable member of the family, so we have set our standards high and employ only the most amazing vets in the field. While there are many reasons to choose us, let’s start with what you can count on us for:

Impeccable Service

Not only do we employ the best vets, we also employ the best staff. We know that your overall experience is an important part of your visit so that you and your furry loved one can feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during sometimes stressful times. Daily collaboration between our veterinarians and support staff shows the level of care that we are committed to offering every one of our patients. All of us at Langley Animal Clinic adhere to the highest professional standards and treat every animal we see as if they were our own.

Langley animal clinic technicians: Ebony, Savannah and Kiran.


Open since 1943, we are the oldest animal clinic around! That means we have accumulated over 70 years of experience as a clinic, and learned over many years of seeing what works and what doesn’t. And, while we have a long history, we are not stuck in the past. Our modern facilities and equipment and regular updating of our collective knowledge to the newest standards of medicine mean that we provide the most advanced care possible.

Diverse Care

Not only do we treat your domestic pets, but true to our roots of having been the only clinic in town, we also have an entire department of services that handles both production and hobby farm animals. We are proud to have both an in-house ruminant ward, and a fully stocked mobile clinic capable of bringing complete farm animal care to the farm.  All so that we can handle the complex needs of this diverse population of animals.

Being There, 24hrs/day for Large Animals

With our 24hr animal hospital for large animals, we are equipped to provide on-call emergency care for your livestock. This means that day or night, we are here to care for and administer whatever treatment required to ensure the best health outcomes for your animals.

So, if you’re searching for new vets in Langley, check out Langley Animal Clinic! We are a stand out vet clinic, committed to providing the best care possible for your animals. Check us out online, or give us a call today to book an appointment, let us show you why we’re amazing.