Is There an Animal Hospital in Langley?

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Is There an Animal Hospital in Langley?

Answer: Yes! Okay, so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to know the oldest veterinary clinic in Langley—the Langley Animal Clinic. Offering many services, including hospital care, Langley Animal Clinic is living proof that there really is (a fantastic!) animal hospital in Langley.

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Langley Animal Clinic – Origin

Born over 70 years ago, the Langley Animal Clinic was a much smaller version of what it is today. Formed in the small community of Murrayville (48 Ave and 216 St) in 1943, the clinic was created in a slightly modified home by veterinarian Dr. Alford Nundal. The 24-hour emergency animal clinic provided the best care possible to sick and injured animals. Relocated a roughly 5-minute drive away from where it used to be 33 years ago, the clinic has grown significantly, and still holds the same values that were originally intended through its now many, dedicated, collaborative and caring staff members.


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Present Day

In addition to increased staff, over the years the once small animal clinic has also expanded in both square footage and technology. In its new location—5758 203 St, the Langley Animal Clinic contains some of the most advanced diagnostic and laboratory equipment, complete with full computerization. As a result of this expansion, Langley Animal Clinic is equipped to deal with almost anything your animal has going on.


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Hospital Medical Care

Along the same vein as the original design, the Langley Animal Clinic has carried on its founder’s mission to be there day or night for your animal. With 24-hour care available, they’ll do everything they can to provide the best around the clock care. Using in-house advanced diagnostic equipment such as endoscopy, ultrasound, x-ray, and blood testing helps the highly skilled and compassionate team make the correct diagnosis and provide your animal with the best medical care.


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Preventative Medicine and Regular Care

In addition to hospital Medical Care, the Langley Animal Clinic also provides full-service preventative medicine and regular care to animals, both large and small. The clinic offers many services, including skin care, surgery, orthopedics, deworming, nutrition, spay and neuter, cat and dog vaccinations, teeth health-cleaning and extractions, PennHIP and hip dysplasia testing, dog boarding, dog breeding, pet flea control, x-rays, cat and dog grooming, medication, diabetic health for cats, and farm and hobby farm veterinary services. We do everything we can to set your animal up for a lifetime of great care.

Regardless of what you and your animal need, the Langley Animal Clinic delivers- just as it has for over 70 years. So yes, there is an animal hospital in Langley, and yes, it’s amazing!

Feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions about how we can work with you to give your animal the care it deserves.