Cat & Dog Grooming

Cat & Dog Grooming

Langley Animal Clinic offers dog grooming for a variety of dog breeds. These services include lion shaves, complete shave downs, and clipping out matts.

Cat & Dog Grooming Services

Lion Shave – We offer a full body shave leaving only the head, paws, and tail. We can offer other styles upon request.

Shave Down – Complete body shave for heavily matted fur, best suited for difficult patients that are unable to be taken for regular dog grooming, or for easy upkeep.

Clip Out Matts – Provide your dog assistance with grooming areas that have become matted. Safely remove matts that can be dangerous to attempt to clip out at home. This service is not exclusive to dogs and can be performed for other animals as well.

Langley vet hospital understands that some of our pets are not particularly fond of having their hair restyled, so we can offer to do cuts and shaves either awake or under sedation. Other services that we provide are anal gland expression and various nail treatments, including soft paws and trims or dremil. Although we do not have a professional groomer on staff, we do our best to give your dog the best grooming and pampering. Please contact us for prices.

Cats & Dogs often look very different when the hair has been altered so to ensure that you are pleased with the clips and cuts please be sure to let us know what cut or clip it is that you like best.
Contact us to book your cat or dog grooming appointment.