Farm Animals

Jul 2019
Looking for Livestock Vet Services in Langley?

Your livestock is your family’s livelihood, and the health of your animals is not only important for their wellbeing, but it’s crucial to the yield of your farm. Whether you need a vet for health maintenance and development of protocols, disease prevention and treatment, reproductive services, or nutritional consultation, Langley Animal Clinic is here to provide all these livestock vet services and more. We are committed to providing the best care possible with advanced diagnostic services so that you can rest assured that your livestock is set up powerfully for the future......

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Jun 2019

If you have a farm near Langley and are looking for a farm vet to support the production of your herd, Langley Animal Clinic is the place to call. And because a large part of production is reproduction, we are proud to offer full service reproductive healthcare for your animals. In addition to working with cattle—much of our time is spent with dairy farms—any farm animal (other than horses) could benefit from our production focused care. Here are a few ways that we can support the production of your farm animals: Advanced......

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