Jan 2019
Langley Animal Clinic Assistants and Receptionists

Answer: Yes! Okay, so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to know the oldest veterinary clinic in Langley—the Langley Animal Clinic. Offering many services, including hospital care, Langley Animal Clinic is living proof that there really is (a fantastic!) animal hospital in Langley....

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Jul 2017
Cat scratching flea and tick, pet shots, pet service, pet hospital,

1. Know when flea season will strike. Flea and ticks season hits worse in the summertime. Though it is an all year round problem, which is why we advise year-round flea protection. Ticks on Dogs or Cats are mainly spring/summer/fall. Ticks prevention is safe to use all year round. 2. Steam clean your carpets. At the onset of flea and ticks season, have your carpets steam-cleaned. 3. Vacuum at least once a week. Since the flea life cycle occurs in about every 2 weeks, during the summer make sure you vacuum at......

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Apr 2016
About Langley Animal Clinic

Langley Animal Clinic is excited to announce our new blood donor program. We are looking for a few lifesaving canine donors. There is a constant demand for blood. Please help us! Contact Dr.Joseph O’Sullivan at Criteria for Canine Donors Donors must be up to date on vaccinations Weigh 23kg (50lbs) or more 1 year of age up to 8 years Healthy physical condition Even temperament Our veterinary team will ensure that your dog meets all the donor requirements. All blood donors will receive an initial physical examination and blood typing. They......

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