Why do you need a dog veterinarian?

Why do you need a dog veterinarian?

When Should You Visit the Dog Veterinarian?

They’ve lost their appetite

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When a puppy that normally devours dinner in a couple of bites seems to be off his or her food, there may be something wrong. It could be a simple as them not liking the menu but could also be a sign that there’s something more significant going on such as pain as a result of eating, nausea, or one of many other reasons—there’s no way of knowing what the cause is without having your loved one see a qualified professional. 

They are drinking too much or not enough water

A super thirsty puppy could mean something as simple as it’s hot outside, or it could be as severe as canine diabetes. Has your dog had it’s dog shots yet? If they are off their daily beverage, it could mean that they haven’t been as active, or it could mean that they have something going on in their kidneys or another part of their urinary system. Either way, there’s no way of knowing for sure without a visit to the vet. 

They are peeing or pooing in the house

Once house trained, most dogs won’t usually go to the bathroom in the house if everything is fine. If your dog is peeing or pooing inside, there could be a bladder infection, intestinal situation, or even something behavioural going on (dogs get stressed too!). Regardless, an incontinent pup is always something that needs to be investigated by a dog veterinarian. 

They just aren’t themselves

This one is the most ambiguous signs, requiring that you pay attention to the subtler hints that something is off with your loved one. It could be that they are sleeping more than they usually do or not as interested in play. It could also be that they are panting, yawning, or stretching more frequently or favouring a particular limb or body part. If you observe any of these things, a visit to the vet is likely in order. 

While it’s nice that our canine companions are not as vocal as humans about their woes, it really means that we need to be more vigilant to make sure that they are healthy and happy. Whether or not you think there’s something serious going on, a visit to the dog veterinarian will at the very least provide you peace of mind. If you have any concerns about your dog, call veterinarian at Langley Animal Clinic- we’re here to help.