Emergency Pet Care

Emergency Vet In Langley

Are you in need of urgent emergency vet care for your pet? Call us on 604-534-4813 or come into our clinic at 5758 203 Street, Langley, BC, V3A 1W3.


Accident and Emergency Pet Care

Accidents or sudden and unexpected sickness can be a stressful time for pet owners.

Here at Langley Animal Clinic, our highly experienced and expertly trained emergency vets are committed to helping you and your pet through every step.

If your pet has been involved in an accident or has suddenly become sick, call or visit our clinic in Langley for an emergency consultation today.

Our dedicated emergency pet care team will make a thorough assessment of your pet, before walking you through your treatment options clearly and simply.

Should your pet require surgery, we have an extremely well equipped, modern vet clinic where we regularly perform both routine and emergency pet surgery.

We also have more advanced diagnostics equipment such as x-ray facilities, an in house diagnostic laboratory, ultrasonography, and endoscopy onsite to enable us to quickly carry out more detailed examinations should that be necessary.


Managing Your Emergency Vet Care Costs

At Langley Animal Clinic, we always strive to help pet owners to clearly understand and manage their pet health care costs.

During a pet emergency, where decisions need to be made quickly, our team will always take the time to fully walk you through your expected care costs. We will also work with you to ensure that we are doing everything we can to maximise your pet insurance coverage and to minimise your out of pocket costs.

We have been providing emergency pet care treatment to owners in Langley and the surrounding area for many years, and the Langley Animal Clinic team are always on hand to help guide you through your treatment and cost options in simple and easy to understand terms.