February is Pet Dental Month at the Langley Animal Clinic

Pet Dental MonthWe are pleased to offer very affordable pet teeth cleaning and pet dental health care.  The Langley Animal clinic suggests pet dental exams should ideally be every 6 months to help alert us to potential problems before they become severe.

The Langley Animal Clinic has a team of very dedicated Veterinarians, Animal Health Technicians and Assistants that are here to support your pets health,  including oral health care. Many clients are concerned about general health and are careful to keep vaccinations up to date, but may forget about the importance of their pets oral health.
Dental health problems are common and if  left untreated can progress into painful and serious systemic conditions. These problems can lead to dental infection that can spread to the heart, kidneys and other organs, and possibly become life threatening. During your exam your vet can discuss home care and diet.  With the addition of dental health exams and pet teeth cleanings with your veterinarian we can extend your pets life in a very cost-effective way, while keeping them comfortable and pain-free.


During an exam your veterinarian will check for inflammation of the gums caused by plaque and tarter build up. This can lead to tooth decay, bleeding gums and tooth loss. The bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and will eventually damage the major organs.

For pets with advanced dental disease, Langley Animal Clinic provides a very comprehensive pet dental care program that includes, safe dental scaling, polishing and tooth extractions. Since this involves a general anesthetic, we start by doing blood tests to determine if any anesthetic complications could arise. All animals receive intravenous fluids during the procedure which can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes or longer if multiple extractions are needed. For pets that need to have teeth removed, or with severe gum inflammation, we also administer antibiotics and pain relief medication.


If you notice any of the symptoms below, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible:

Bad Breath- Your average dog breath may not be pleasant, but if it becomes very strong and repugnant, this can be a sign that periodontal disease may have already started.

Frequent pawing or rubbing at the face and/or mouth.

Reluctance to eat hard foods.

Red swollen gums and yellow/brown stains on teeth.

We often have clients ask about “No Sedation” dentals they see advertised.  Dentistry must be done under general anaesthetic  to be done properly and thoroughly. Using a dental tool to “hand scale” the teeth works to scrape off the plaque & tarter but does nothing to address gingivitis or diseased teeth that need extracting or tartar under the gum line.


Feline $175.00* plus tax

Canine $175.00* plus tax

*Please note these prices are for a basic scale and polish on a young healthy pet. These prices do not include IV fluids or bloodwork, but these options can be added on for an additional cost. Additional dental surgery, including extractions would require an exam to provide an accurate estimate. Please call or email the Langley Animal Clinic if you have any further questions or would like to book your pet teeth cleaning dental appointment or Dental Health Check and estimate. 604-534-4813 or info@langleyanimalclinic.ca