Keeping Your Pet Cool

Keeping Your Pet Cool

Here are some of our Langley Animal Clinic vet tips on keeping your pet cool this summer

Now that it seems summer has finally arrived we love to get out and enjoy it with our own pets. These are some of the ways that our staff ensures that our pets don’t become overheated.

The number one thing that all our staff agrees on is maintaining a healthy coat. An animal coat is designed to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Though it is true that long coated breeds and those with darker colourings cope better in cooler weather, having a shiny, untangled and clean coat allows heat to be released from the skin and reflect the suns heat at the same time. So with this in mind a good bath is often better than a short shave.

We also make sure that anywhere we go with a bottle of water we bring our dog some too! They make fantastic collapsible dog water dishes now that take up virtually no room at all in a day bag. This way every time we take a drink, our pets do to.

Thirdly taking brakes from that sun allows time to cool down indoors or in a nice shady place. Check out Sophies way at keeping cool on a hot day.