Looking for a Langley Farm Vet for Livestock Production?

Looking for a Langley Farm Vet for Livestock Production?

If you have a farm near Langley and are looking for a farm vet to support the production of your herd, Langley Animal Clinic is the place to call. And because a large part of production is reproduction, we are proud to offer full service reproductive healthcare for your animals. In addition to working with cattle—much of our time is spent with dairy farms—any farm animal (other than horses) could benefit from our production focused care.

Here are a few ways that we can support the production of your farm animals:

Advanced Reproductive Techniques

Dedicated to providing the best care for your herd, we adhere to the most up-to-date standards of care in early pregnancy diagnosis, ultrasound fetal sexing, health checkups, and determination of estrus cycles. Also, as it’s crucial to the survival and health of your animals, we offer postpartum reproductive health as well.

Embryo Transfers

Committed to supporting the best reproductive outcomes, we are happy to provide embryo transfer services. An essential part of reproduction, our very own Dr. G. McDonald is skilled in performing embryo collection, embryo sex determination, freezing, and implantation.

Nutritional Consultation and Ration Formulation

As nutrition is the cornerstone of health for your animals, optimal nutrition is the best way to ensure optimal health outcomes for your herd.  Our farm vets can help you design the perfect nutritional plan for your farm.

Disease Prevention and Treatment Strategies

When it comes to dealing with animals that are reproducing, it is imperative to adapt and implement disease prevention and treatment plans. This is why our vets are well versed in treatment and preventative care for reproducing animals.

Mobile vet lab in Langley for treating farm animals


Not only are we here to attend and support regular calvings, our farm vets are highly skilled in performing difficult calvings or, if needed, a caesarean section. Regardless of the situation, our mobile lab makes it possible to bring the best care to your farm.

Calf Rearing and Housing Recommendations

In addition to providing care through the process of reproduction, we can also provide information and recommendations for the housing requirements of your newest herd members. Nutritional recommendations and health plans go a long way toward the viability of the calf and sets the animal up for the best future health outcomes.

If you’re looking for a farm vet in Langley to take care of your animals’ production needs, look no further than Langley Animal Clinic. With knowledgeable and skilled vets, the most up-to-date equipment and techniques, and a fully equipped mobile lab, we have what it takes to support the production of your herd. For more information, visit our website or give us a call to book an appointment.