Looking for Livestock Vet Services in Langley?

Looking for Livestock Vet Services in Langley?

Looking for Livestock Vet Services in Langley?

Your livestock is your family’s livelihood, and the health of your animals is not only important for their wellbeing, but it’s crucial to the yield of your farm. Whether you need a vet for health maintenance and development of protocols, disease prevention and treatment, reproductive services, or nutritional consultation, Langley Animal Clinic is here to provide all these livestock vet services and more. We are committed to providing the best care possible with advanced diagnostic services so that you can rest assured that your livestock is set up powerfully for the future to come. Here’s a breakdown of the services that we can provide for your farm.

Nutritional Consultation and Ration Formulation

Like humans, the health of livestock is closely related to what they eat. And it’s not just about what their diet consists of, but also how much they eat. Nutrition is such a basic thing, and yet it can have a massive impact on production and costs associated with your livestock. Inadequate nutrition can lead to otherwise preventable diseases and poor health and wellbeing of your herd, which can really affect your bottom line. Our knowledgeable vets are here to make sure that you know you’re feeding your animals what they need. 

Standard Operating Protocols Development and Housing Recommendations

Whether you’re starting a new farm or need support with an existing one, having one of our vets assess your farm can really take the guesswork out of developing protocols and figuring out the housing requirements for your livestock. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your farm is set up the way it needs to be for the best outcomes. 


Livestock vet services for goats in Langley

Reproductive Services

Because the future of your farm is dependent on your animals’ ability to reproduce, we offer a full spectrum of reproductive services, including early pregnancy diagnosis, ultrasound fetal sexing, postpartum reproductive health checks, and determination of estrus cycles. We also offer embryo transfer services: embryo collection, embryo sex determination, freezing, and implantation. In addition, our vets are skilled in obstetrics and are happy to provide calf rearing support, including circumstances of difficult calvings and caesarian sections.

Disease Prevention and Treatment Strategies

A lot of diseases are easily preventable and treatable if you have the structures in place to deal with them. Having a skilled vet on your side means that you will have the expertise needed to flag any potential ailments that might take out your herd. Because the vets at Langley Animal Hospital are well versed in livestock management, they know from experience what your animals are at risk of developing and what to look for in terms of potential illnesses. 

If you have any other questions about how we can support your farm with our livestock vet services, give Langley Animal Clinic a call. We’re here to help!