Pet Hospital Medical Care

Langley Pet Hospital Medical Care

Our Langley Pet hospital is part of the Langley Animal Clinic.  Medical care is the treatment of any illness or injury through the use of medications and nursing care. For this to be successful there must be a correct diagnosis, a complete understanding of the disease process and of the medications, and most importantly, empathy. At the Langley Animal Clinic we care about pets and will provide top quality medical care the same day you call.

A correct diagnosis can be difficult to achieve since our patients can’t tell us what is wrong and they often hide their symptoms. However with a complete physical exam, and the most current diagnostic equipment in our 24 hour animal hospital, our veterinarians are well suited to treating even obscure diseases.

Pet Hospital Medical Care Treatments

Treatment can be simple or complex. Sometimes all that is needed is an antibiotic given by mouth at home, but it may be that your pet will need to be hospitalized and treated with intravenous fluids and other intravenous medications. Either way we will be sure to provide the best pet medical care for you.

What do we treat medically?
Gastroenterology (diseases of the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines)
Cardiology (diseases of the heart and blood vessels)
Ophthalmology (diseases of the eyes)
Dermatology (diseases of the skin)
Neurology (diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves)
Endocrinology (diseases of the glands that secrete hormones)
Urology (diseases of the kidneys, bladder and urethra)
Musculoskeletal disease (diseases of muscles, bones, and joints)
Infectious disease (diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungus)
Oncology (various types of cancer)
Theriogenology (diseases of the reproductive organs)
Toxicology (poisonings)

Animal diagnostic equipment such as endoscopy, ultrasound, x-ray, and blood testing equipment are all available in our clinic to help us make the correct diagnosis and provide you with the best pet medical care to treat your pets.

Contact Langley Animal Clinic to speak with professional animal veterinary staff and local veterinarian Langley.