Pet X-Rays

Pet X-Rays

Pet X-RaysAt Langley Animal Clinic offers digital pet X-rays allowing for instant results. This means a rapid diagnosis can be made and earlier treatment can be started. X-rays can be used to diagnose bone injuries, heart and lung disease, gastrointestinal problems, including swallowed foreign objects, as well as identify urinary system abnormalities and more.

We know that when your pet has an accident or hurts itself in a fall it can be very stressful on both you and your pet. We do our best to help your pet be comfortable while we perform the pet x rays to provide you with a diagnosis and quick treatment options.

Pet UltrasoundsIs ultrasound the same as pet x-rays?

Ultrasound focuses more on the diagnosis of soft tissue ailments, and often is used in conjunction with x-rays.

Can pet x-rays help my pregnant dog?

In a pregnant dog, the x-rays can be used to determine how many pups are present, while the ultrasound can check fetal heartbeats.

Pet ultrasound and pet x-rays are heavily used in our practice to provide accurate information for our vets to work with to reduce your pet’s pain and offer your pet the best care possible.

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