Reasons why Dog Neutering and Spaying Is Important

Reasons why Dog Neutering and Spaying Is Important

Reasons why Dog Neutering and Spaying Is Important

Depending on where you get your dog, you may well find that it has already been neutered or spayed. In some areas, it might even be a legal requirement. Whether it is the law where you live or not, however, having your dog neutered or spayed is a part of responsible pet ownership, and here are some of the reasons why:

Fewer Homeless Pets

While some owners will only be concerned about the effects that directly impact them and their dog, one of the more far-reaching and important reasons to neuter or spay your dog lies in the fact that it could reduce the population of homeless animals. Fewer stray animals would be roaming the streets and fewer dogs would be euthanized.

Health Benefits

While some seem to oppose the idea of neutering in order to keep their dog “intact,” neutering your dog does offer them health benefits. For male dogs, neutering prevents testicular cancer and offers protection against certain prostate disorders. It also leads to a reduction in perineal fistulas and may reduce the risk of diabetes. Spayed female dogs benefit from a reduction in perineal fistulas and pyometra.

Impact on Behaviour

Another significant effect of neutering your dog is decreasing his desire to roam. A male dog that senses a female in heat can become very difficult to handle. You may find yourself living with an escape artist who suddenly climbs fences or simply tunnels under them. Spikes in testosterone levels can also make your male dog difficult to train or otherwise control. Neutering them also decreases instances of aggression. It’s worth noting that most bites are inflicted by dogs that have not been neutered. Neutering you dog can result in a more tempered, enjoyable companion.

Less Mess to Clean Up

It’s almost a cliché that a male dog can become amorous with pillows, cushions, or, unfortunately, legs. If not caught in time, this can necessitate a bit of a clean up. Similarly, females will experience menstruation and will require protective garments to keep them from leaving blood around your home. These garments will need to be changed frequently. Further, while in heat, you will need to be vigilant against male dogs that will be quite desperate to make acquaintances with your pet. Only a few seconds are required for you to find yourself with a pregnant dog. And while we are on that topic…

Pregnancy is Not Cheap

Your first reaction might be to say that your dog becoming pregnant is not all that bad. But consider the costs that you will be facing to provide not only a higher quality of food for your dog, but also the nutritional supplements and regular visits to the vet for check-ups that you will be paying for. When the mother goes to give birth, there may also be complications that require veterinary assistance. Assuming all goes well, the puppies will need regular check-ups themselves, as well as preventative medication.

Some may caution you against neutering for fear of your dog becoming obese, but this can be avoided by adjusting their caloric intake and ensuring that they have plenty of opportunities for exercise. Help your companion live a healthier, happier life by ensuring that he is neutered, and she is spayed.