Ticks try to trick your summer fun

Ticks try to trick your summer fun

TicksThe summer is tick season for sure!! Ticks are more active and so are we out this time year, so it’s not surprising that we come in contact with more of these creepy crawlies. Generally there is good awareness of the fact that these blood sucking animals can transmit diseases, and that checking daily when in high risk areas (like campsites) is a good way to minimize tick feeding time.

However this can be a risky strategy as ticks love to hide in those dark corners of the body and are often only found when they have been feeding for a few days.

Ticks carry diseases like Lymes disease which can be very harmful to your pets health as well as human wellness.  It is important to be vigilant and search the entire body for ticks and other small bugs.  With the warming of the climate, ticks are not being killed off by the cold winters.

A new product at the Langley Animal Clinic is Advantix. It helps protect against ticks, mosquitoes and fleas in one topical dose. Advantix is a useful medicine to deter bug bites and help to keep your pet safe and healthy. Now we know that the lump on the lower part of the chest is indeed a nipple and not a tick, even if it is a male dog. It is important to know that Advantix is a dog only treatment.