Summertime Dog Safety Tips from Langley Animal Clinic

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Summertime Dog Safety Tips from Langley Animal Clinic

Long sunny days are here, and with that comes more fun in the sun for the whole family, including your dog. Because you and your furriest family member want to make the most of the warmth and sunshine, here are a few tips from Langley Animal Clinic to make sure that you and your dog have a blast this summer. 


Never EVER Leave Your Dog in the Car!

Plan ahead. If you’re planning on going on an adventure with your canine companion and know that you will need to do an errand that they won’t be able to join you on, make two separate trips. Even in the shade and with all the windows rolled down, your car can turn into an oven in MINUTES! Also, leaving the windows rolled down is another hazard. If your pet sees something interesting while they’re waiting for your return and jumps out of the vehicle, this can lead to them going missing, or being injured. A hot car is one of the most preventable causes of dog death. Don’t take the risk. 


Protect Your Pet from Pesky Summertime Creatures

Worms, fleas, and Lyme disease-carrying ticks are common in the Pacific Northwest and are easy to prevent with the right treatment. Also, did you know that mosquitos love the taste of canine blood as much as their human counterparts? Preventative medications for these parasites and using a dog-specific mosquito repellant will make your pup’s summer much more fun. Finally, think about your summer travel plans. While the lower mainland isn’t susceptible to things like heartworm or lungworm, there are places that are, so do your research before you go, and talk to your vet about how you can keep your pet safe while away from home. 


Dogs Can Get Sunburns Too

Light coloured dogs and shorthaired breeds, like humans, can be prone to sunburns, and even worse, skin cancer. Protect your dog by using a pet-safe sunscreen when they are playing in the sun. Also, as with humans, do your best to keep your pet out of the peak sun hours of 10-2 and try instead to switch to morning and evening walks. If your dog has hair that needs to be trimmed regularly, it can be tempting to shave them in the summer to keep them cool but leaving a little scruff will make them more sun safe. 

Dog drinking water from a bottle

Make Sure Your Dog has Access to Lots of Water and Shade

Even though you might be walking the same route that you do for your dog in spring and fall, the increased heat means that your normally quenched pup will require hydration along the route. Because their body temperature can rise super quickly, make sure to carry cool, fresh water and a dish and offer it to your pooch regularly. Also, if your dog spends a lot of time outside, make sure that there are lots of shady areas for it to retreat from the heat.  

There you have it—safety tips for the dog days of summer! For more information on how you can protect your dog from summer hazards, give Langley Animal Clinic a call. We’re here to help.

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