When Does Your Pet Need to Visit a Veterinarian Clinic?

When Does Your Pet Need to Visit a Veterinarian Clinic?

Kitten playing after visit to vet

Your pet brings unlimited love and joy to your Langley family, so you have a responsibility to not only return the love and joy, but also provide good healthcare. This seems simple enough, right? But because animals can’t tell us what they’re feeling, how do you know when to go to a veterinarian clinic, and when to wait and see? There are many reasons why you might want to seek out veterinary care for your littlest loved one. Here are a few:


They’re a New Addition to Your Family

The joy and excitement of taking in a new furry little family member can be so much fun, but it can also bring a variety of new challenges. Regardless of their age or previous care stated by whoever you adopted your new pet from, having an initial visit to a veterinarian clinic is paramount! Not only are you establishing a lifelong relationship with their new care provider by introducing them right away, but you also have the peace of mind of having a baseline health exam and tips for how to best care for them. And, while you might get a lot of health information from the previous owner, it might be incomplete or not exactly true. The only way to know for sure about the health status of your newest love is to have them examined now that they’re in your home.


It’s Been a Year Since Their Last Checkup

Not only is it important to provide annual care such as preventative vaccinations, but an annual checkup is also important to flag any health issues that your pet may be hiding from you. Animals are very good at pretending nothing is wrong, when there is, in fact, something brewing. An annual exam by an experienced veterinarian can rule out any sneaky illnesses that you might not be aware of and catch them before they’re a big problem.


Your Pet is Sick, Injured, or Just Doesn’t Seem Like Themselves

Accidents and illnesses can happen, and it’s up to us as the responsible parents of our pets that we address these things as soon as we notice something is wrong. And while it might be something obvious like a broken leg, there are times when your pet might just be acting listless or out of character, which could be a signal that something is up. When in doubt, have them checked out! Also, consider that many veterinary clinics will offer guidance over the phone if your pet is a client—all the more reason to have an established relationship with a clinic from the very beginning.


If you are in Langley and are looking for a new veterinarian clinic, look no further than Langley Animal Clinic. Give us a call today or book an appointment. Our skilled veterinarians will look after the health of your pet as if they were their own.