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Is it necessary to have your pet groomed? Some pet owners would say no. After all, animals in the wild don’t have anyone to brush them out or trim their nails, and they seem to do just fine. But having your pet professionally groomed is about more than just having them look pretty (though that certainly doesn’t hurt). You may not realize that grooming can have a significant impact on your pet’s health.

Fur and Skin

It’s always nice to have a clean, fresh smelling dog or cat, but grooming also helps cut down on hairballs. Although this is more of an issue for cats, dogs may occasionally experience them as well, with severe hairballs sometimes causing stomach or intestinal blockages. Professional groomers have the right tools to get every tangle out and remove brushes full of hair that might otherwise be missed.

Your pets enjoy a good clean, especially when their fur is getting too thick or too long. When it becomes tangled, it can pull their skin, causing both discomfort and irritation. They’ll be much happier without this irritant and you will be happier with less hair to vacuum at home.

Regular grooming also helps spot unwanted visitors in your pet’s fur, especially if they spend much time outdoors. Fleas, mites, and ticks can all find your pet attractive, but combining grooming with a flea and tick preventative can keep them away from your four-legged friend, and by extension, the rest of the family.


A good grooming can also help with skin issues, first by helping to spot them when they might otherwise go unnoticed, but also by providing a chance for treatment. If your pet is suffering from a skin problem, grooming and recurring medicated baths might be the right answer to provide them some relief.

Ears are too often overlooked by pet owners. Once a week you should take a look. If they appear inflamed or if you spot a buildup of debris, a cleanup is in order. Likewise, if they are smelly. Some pet owners are nervous about cleaning their pet’s ears, but a groomer can keep them clean and clear, and free from infection.


When your dog walks through the room and you hear the clicking of their nails on the floor, it’s time for a trim. But if cleaning ears makes you nervous, trimming your pet’s claws may be even more nerve wracking. If you have ever accidentally cut to the quick, it’s likely that your pet will be reticent about giving you another chance, but long nails can lead to a number of problems, possibly even growing into the toe pads and skin, resulting in pain and infection. Your professional groomer has the skill and experience to make this a quick and painless experience for your pet.

Regular grooming can equate to fewer visits to the vet, and a happier, healthier pet. Having them look and smell great is just a bonus.

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