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If you are going away and you are concerned about your pet receiving proper monitoring and/or medicating, our veterinarian hospital is here to help with dog boarding and cat boarding. Our staff have a lot of experience as caregivers (many have pets with medical conditions) and our facilities are well suited to cats and small breed dogs.

Our Langley location is convenient if you are looking for dog or cat boarding anywhere in the Fraser Valley, from Surrey to Chilliwack.

Cost for Cat Boarding

Cattery Services

One cat per night: $20.04

Two cats in one kennel: $31.76

Diabetic Boarding per night for cats: $38.00.

Cost for Dog Boarding

Kennel Services

One dog per night: $31.76

Two dogs in one kennel: $41.80

Boarding for a diabetic dog per night: $43.48

*Prices do not include taxes. All cats and dogs must to be up to date on vaccines before boarding. Pet boarding costs may be higher for some treatments or monitoring, for example diabetic monitoring. Any necessary appointments must be booked prior to dropping any pet(s) off for boarding.

Contact us about boarding.

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Price List

Dog & Cat Boarding Prices

ONE CAT$20.04

  • Per Cat, Per Night
Make Appointment

TWO CATS$31.76

  • Two Cats, One Kennel, Per Night
Make Appointment


  • One Cat, With Medications, Per Night
Make Appointment

ONE DOG$31.76

  • Per Dog, Per Night
Make Appointment

TWO DOGS$41.80

  • Two Dogs, One Kennel, Per Night
Make Appointment


  • One Dog, With Medications, Per Night
Make Appointment

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