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If your pet has difficulty getting up, or is in pain when moving, they could be in need of Pet Orthopedics. We have an experienced team at Langley Animal Clinic and our veterinarian will start with a complete orthopedic exam. This means watching your pet walk/run, examining the bones and joints for proper mobility and stability, and checking general health. Once the problem is localized, we often will recommend x-rays or ultrasound to further define what needs to be done.

Common Pet Orthopaedic Surgeries

Surgical Options

Of the orthopedic surgeries, torn ACL or cranial cruciate ligament repair is the most common. Our veterinarian animal hospital offers two types of this surgery:

  • Extracapsular repair-using the securos system. This is most suited to small dogs/cats, or low activity pets. Cost: $1,804.60 -$2,161.81 plus tax
  • TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement)-this surgery is more involved but is better suited for large breed, active dogs. Recovery is smoother and has fewer complications. Cost: $3,144.00 – $3,769.00 plus tax

Other orthopedic surgeries our vet clinic commonly performs are:

  • FHO- femoral head osteotomy
  • Pelvic fracture repairs: sacroiliac, ilial, and acetabular fractures
  • Luxating patella: both trochlear groove deepening, and tibial crest transposition
  • Radial, femoral, humeral, tibial fractures
  • Dislocations- e.g., hip, elbow

Often there is more than one way to fix a bone or joint and we will tailor the repair to meet you and your pet’s needs. Call us for pet orthopedic information.

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