Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition

Good health for your dog, cat, or other pet is always related to good Pet Nutrition. Each pet is unique and depending on the stage of life, activity level, or presence of disease, it may need a specific diet. Our staff receives constant training in order to provide you with the proper advice regarding your pet’s nutrition. These dietary options range from maintenance diets, weight loss diets, puppy and kitten diets, as well as diets specially formulated for those animals that have specific dietary requirements.

Check out our extensive pet nutrition options of both wet and dry pet foods on our pet foods page; follow the links to find extra information on the specific diets.

We stock the best in pet nutrition foods for dogs and cats; there are a wide variety of dietary supplements that will promote well-being in your pet.

Pet Nutrition Supplement Suggestions for Common Disease Conditions:
Arthritis / joint disease
Upper respiratory infections
Skin disease
Liver disease
Calorie supplementation

Arthritis / joint disease pet nutrition

Arthritis and joint supplements are important for pets suffering from joint discomfort, and if initiated early can reduce the requirement for stronger medication. These supplements can help rebuild damaged cartilage within the joints helping to improve joint health. Supplements will help lubricate the joint so that motion is more comfortable and will help reduce inflammatory mediators that encourage the development of arthritis. Not all pets are the same, which is why we carry top brands of joint supplements that are tailored to your pet’s needs.

Pet nutrition supplements for arthritis and joint pain should include Glucosamine, Chondroitin MSM and Green Lipped muscle extract.

Upper respiratory pet nutrition

A large proportion of the cat population has been exposed to one or more of the viral infections that contribute to what we call Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Syndrome. Infected as kitten, these infections generally lie dormant, however during times of stress they reoccur causing weepy eyes runny nose and a general feeling of discomfort. A product that contains L-Lycene will help limit the duration of the symptoms and will help improve the well-being. For chronic sufferers a low daily dose can be sufficient to suppress outbreaks.

At our animal hospital we have the L-Lycene available in a number of easy to give formulations: as a treat, as paste and as a liquid.

Kidney disease pet nutrition

Animals with kidney disease are unable to filter the blood properly; as a result they loose electrolytes, sugars, and proteins and accumulate some toxins. The kidneys have important roles in the production of new blood cells and when damaged fail to stimulate normal production. In order to counteract these unfortunate complications of kidney disease pet nutrition supplements is designed to:

  • Help prevent hypokalemia with the addition of Potassium citrate
  • Manage phosphotaenia
  • Replenishes the loss of B Vitamins
  • Help control metabolic acidosis
  • Reduction of oxidative stress to kidney tissue
  • Help reduce azotemia

In the later stages of kidney disease there are other inexpensive, non-medical, pet nutrition supplements that can significantly improve the pet’s quality of life; activated charcoal and giving subcutaneous can often extend the life of an animal without compromising quality.

Omega-3 fatty acids are the leading supplement recommended by veterinarians for skin allergies. Considerable research substantiates the need to increase the total amount of Omega-3s your pet consumes. The Omega-6s are important to provide a good shine on the coat and contributes almost exclusively to the waterproof layer of the skin. However, too much in the diet can lead to overgrowth of bacteria and skin inflammation. It is also important to have adequate levels of antioxidants, like vitamins A, C, and E, to reduce free radicals that cause oxidative damage in the lipid membranes in skin cells.

We stock the leading brands of skin supplementation at our pet supplies store for your dog that can help promote healthy skin in your pet and help with your overall pets nutrition.

Liver disease pet nutrition

The liver is the largest organ in the body except for the skin, and one of its many functions is to remove toxins form the blood and to function as a blood filter. Through this and other processes, it is highly susceptible from oxidative and other chemical damage. Given that the liver actively puts it’s self in harms way it is not surprising that it becomes damaged and needs some support. There are multiple ways that you can help support the liver function, ask our staff if liver supplementation is right for your pet.

Calorie supplementation / Multivitamins

For those animals failing to obtain their nutritional requirements, through disease or mechanical problems calorie supplementation is available. If you prepare home cooked meals, or are concerned that your pet is not getting their full requirement of vitamins and minerals each day, then multivitamins are an inexpensive solution.

Langley Animal Hospital has the leading brands in pet multivitamins that are safe to use in pregnant and lactating animals. These supplements can often provide a non-medical “pick me up” that is required when there is an increased metabolic demand.

Call us to learn more about nutrition for your dog, cat, or other pet, or visit our Langley Pet Food Store where you will find a large selection of quality products and our knowledgeable staff.