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Poultry Farm Vet Services

Langley Animal Clinic has been providing vet services to poultry farms large and small throughout BC and surrounding area for many years.

We provide cost effective chicken and poultry vet services to farms all throughout BC, that help chicken farmers to maintain the highest quality of health and general care standards for their animals.

Vet For Chickens

Happy and healthy poultry is the key to producing the highest quality products, and our specialist chicken vets and poultry vets have advised many farmers and small homesteads on practical steps towards providing healthy environments for their animals.

Whether you run a large commercial poultry farming operation, a small hobby farm or a simple homestead, keeping your chickens happy and healthy is vital to success.

Chicken Diseases

There are a number of common chicken diseases and other poultry diseases that all farmers should know about and plan for.

Some common chicken and poultry diseases include:

  • Fowl pox
  • Coccidiosis
  • Gumboro disease
  • Fowl typhoid

Chicken Vaccines

Most common chicken diseases have readily available vaccines that can help to effectively prevent an outbreak and spread of illnesses within your flock.

Chicken vaccines come in various forms and are most commonly introduced into feed supplies to enable them to be delivered to large volumes of animals easily.

Our specialist poultry farm vets will always try to prevent and control the use of antibiotics as much as possible in our animal care plans in order to prevent the over reliance and unnecessary use of antimicrobial solutions where we can.

More detailed information on vaccinating your poultry can be found in this great resource over at Poultry Hub, or by contacting one of the Langley Animal Clinic team on 604 534 4813

Routine and Preventative Care For Poultry

Regular onsite checkups by one of our specialist chicken vets can help to detect and treat any potential problems or outbreaks early.

We also work closely with owners to devise effective preventative health care plans for their animals to provide the best possible long terms happiness and productivity of your flock.

Your flocks long term success and productivity is vital and taking steps to ensure that you plan for that in their health care is important.

Beyond immunisations and chicken vaccines, our specialist and highly experienced poultry vets can help to devise feeding plans that support your flocks nutritional needs and promote the flocks general health and well-being.

Reproductive Health

The reproductive health of your poultry flock is also important to its long term success and productivity.

Our specialist poultry vet team can help at every stage of your breeding process.

For any more information on how we can support the needs of your flock or if you need a farm vet for chickens, call us at Langley Animal Clinic to arrange an appointment. We will work with you and your particular circumstances to get your animals on the track to better health.

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