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Diagnosing and treating cancer in pets is a difficult time for owners, and here at Langley Animal Clinic we are 100% committed to helping you through it.

Our consultative pet cancer treatment approach gives pet owners the information they need to make informed decisions on how to care for their pets through this difficult process.

Cancer Treatments for Pets in Langley

Know your options.

Depending on the type of cancer and how developed the disease is, a range of different treatment options exist.

Each treatment type has its own pros and cons, and our experienced cancer care vets will help to guide you through these options and to choose the right cancer care for your pet.

Common Cancer Treatment Options

Full service cancer care treatment

Some common pet cancer treatment options include:

Pet Cancer Surgery

Cancer surgery is perhaps one of the most common and most effective treatment options for fighting pet cancers.

Operating to remove the cancerous areas is a fast way to stop the spread of the disease.

As with all pet surgeries though, these operations are not without their risks.

Potential downsides to pet cancer surgery include surgical complications and infections, short term pain and discomfort, and the possibility of loosing infected limbs or organs completely.

Pet Cancer Chemotherapy

A less invasive option than cancer surgery is pet chemotherapy.

Pet chemo is a highly effective way to fight earlier stage cancers. Chemo for pets can help to dramatically slow the spread of the cancer without putting the animal through any unnecessary duress. This makes it a great treatment option for older or more vulnerable animals who may not respond well to the challenges of cancer surgery.

Just like in human cancer care, chemotherapy for pets is a common and effective cancer treatment option.

For pets, the side effects of chemotherapy are relatively low, and we work closely with our owners to make sure that you know exactly what to expect from your pet during this treatment process and how best to manage it for your pet.

Pet Cancer Radiation Therapy

Pet owners may wish to consider radiation therapy treatments for their animals either by itself or as a combination of treatments to tackle cancer growth and prepare for more successful cancer removal surgery.

Radiation therapy for pets is most commonly used either in combination with chemotherapy or as a preparation for cancer surgery.

Targeted radiation therapy is a reliable way to help shrink cancer tumours, sometimes paving the way for a more successful surgery.

Pet radiation therapy is also sometimes used to help manage the symptoms of the disease and to improve the quality of life that the animal can expect.

In later stage pet cancers, for example, it is common for tumours to grow to the point where they are pressing on other organs or joints, making daily life more difficult and uncomfortable for the animal. Radiation therapy is an effective way to target certain areas and reduce the size of the tumours, therefore helping to restore mobility and organ function.

Choosing The Right Cancer Treatment For Your Pet

Personalized treatment plans

At Langley Animal Clinic, we always take the time to talk our owners through their options and to make sure everything is explained clearly and simply.

To talk to our specialists about what cancer treatment is right for your pet, make an appointment or call us today on 604 534 4813

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