Advanced Dental Surgery and Treatments

Advanced Dental Surgery and Treatments for Pets

Beyond Basics: Advanced Dental Care for Pets

Taking proper care of your pet includes providing them with the necessary medical care to keep them safe and healthy. Most pet owners are happy to do this, buying quality food, ensuring they get exercise and playtime, and taking them to the vet for regular checkups. Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked aspects of pet care involves their oral health.  Beyond regular dental checkups and cleanings, sometimes there is a need for advanced dental surgery for pets.

Pets can suffer from the same dental issues as other family members, leaving them in discomfort or pain, and often leading to more serious conditions. At Langley Animal Clinic, we understand the importance of advanced dental care for pets and offer you a comprehensive range of services to help ensure their well-being.

When Are Advanced Dental Procedures for Pets Necessary?

Often, regular visits to your veterinarian can keep your pet in great shape, but occasionally they will require more than routine cleanings. This may be the result of injury, dental disease, or a developmental issue. Ignoring any of these problems could result in further deterioration, discomfort, or chronic pain, making intervention critical.

Types of Advanced Dental Surgeries

The advanced dental services we offer address a wide variety of needs, allowing us to provide the necessary care for each unique case. Some of these services include:

• Root Canals and Endodontic Procedures

As with their human companions, pets can suffer from dental infections affecting the pulp of their teeth. Root canals and endodontic procedures allow us to alleviate the pain while saving the tooth.

• Orthodontic Corrections

If your pet is experiencing pain or has difficulty eating and drinking, it may be the result of misaligned teeth. Orthodontic solutions are a means of correcting these issues by realigning the teeth.

• Dental Implants for Pets

Yes, braces for dogs are a thing.  Your pet may lose a tooth as the result of injury, or disease. With dental implants, we can provide a replacement tooth that is natural-looking and durable, helping to maintain or improve their quality of life.

The Advanced Dental Surgery For Pets Process

It’s understandable for many pet owners to be concerned when their pet requires surgery. Understanding the process may help to alleviate your fears. It usually involves the following:

• Consultation and Pre-surgery Evaluation

Prior to any procedure, the dental team will examine your pet to properly assess the state of their oral health and determine the most appropriate treatment. Doing this allows them to tailor their approach to your pet’s unique situation.

• Anesthesia and Monitoring

Your pet will be anesthetized during the procedure so that they will remain calm and feel no pain. During the entire procedure, their vital signs will be monitored to ensure complete safety.

• The Surgical Procedure

Whether your pet needs a root canal, dental implant, or other procedure, our expert team will proceed with skill and the utmost caution. We know how much your pet means to you and we take the responsibility you have entrusted us with very seriously.

• Post Surgical Care and Recovery

Following the procedure, your pet will need a period of rest and recovery. We will provide you with all the information you need to guide their recovery, with instructions on any necessary medication and the proper care to transition back to their normal routine.

Advanced Dental Treatment for Pets: Special Cases

Our comprehensive services cover more than just common procedures. We are able to assist you and your pet with more specialized pet dental procedures as well, including:

• Traumatic Dental Injuries
• Oral Tumors and Cancer Treatments
• Advanced Periodontal Disease Management

Advanced Dental Care Benefits

Advanced dental care for your pet provides them with several benefits, keeping them happy, healthy, and pain free, improving their quality of life and even increasing their longevity so that you can continue to enjoy their company for years to come.
Why Choose Langley Animal Clinic for Advanced Dental Care?

At Langley Animal Clinic we offer you an experienced and compassionate team that uses the most up-to-date equipment and techniques to provide you and your pet the best possible care.



Here are some common questions that you may have regarding advanced dental treatments for pets:

• Is Anesthesia Safe for My Pet?

Yes, we take every possible precaution to keep your pet safe and monitor their vital signs throughout the procedure.

• How Long is the Recovery Process?

It will vary according to the procedure. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information regarding recovery to help ensure a speedy recovery.

• Are There any Age Restrictions for Pet Dental Procedures?

Advanced dental procedures, including pet dental surgery, can benefit pets of all ages, but our team will assess your pet to ensure the suitability of any treatment according to their specific needs.

Pet oral health care is vital to your companion’s well being. Book a consultation for your pet’s dental health at Langley Animal Clinic today!

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