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The Langley Animal Clinic’s dog breeding services team is happy to announce that we will be working with our clients to offer a comprehensive, efficient, and economical reproductive health plan.

Our dog breeding services include:

  • General health exams
  • Pre and Post pregnancy health management
  • Progesterone testing and other health testing for Sire and Dam
  • OFA
  • PennHIP
  • Pregnancy ultrasound
  • Pregnancy x-rays
  • Puppy exams & puppy vaccinations
  • Breeding management

Dog breeding involves an investment of time, work, and money. We know that your dogs are very important to you and we want to help you keep them healthy and happy. Each breed is different and has its own strengths and weakness specific to their immune system. We can offer support to you regarding litter questions, determining the heat cycle and best time for breeding, gestation pregnancy care, whelping best practices. We work with a wide variety of canines and would be happy to discuss your canine breeding or health concerns with you.

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Call our dog breeding vet clinic today to see how we can assist you in fulfilling all your veterinary needs. Langley Animal Clinic is open 7 days a week, Monday through Friday (8am-9pm), Sunday (8:30am-9pm)

Pregnant Dog Ultrasounds

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We have inhouse ultrasound equipment and highly experience ultrasound technicians on staff here at Langley Animal Clinic.

Pregnancy in dogs can be diagnosed in as few as 20 days after successfully breeding, although we usually recommend waiting until after the 30-day point to be sure.

Ultrasound is also one of the most accurate ways of detecting dog pregnancies and we always recommend it as the first stage in pregnancy detection and health care.

If the ultrasound detects a successful breeding, our highly trained and experienced staff will be on hand to offer help and advice throughout your dogs’ pregnancy and birth. We have been helping and advising highly successful dog breeders for years, and our team is always on hand to ensure your dog has the best possible care throughout and after their pregnancy.

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