Sheep Farm Vet Services

Farm Sheep

Whether you raise sheep for income or just because you like having them around, at Langley Animal clinic we are proud to offer the full-service veterinary care that your flock requires. We provide both in house veterinary services via our fully equipped ruminant ward, and a well-stocked mobile lab for your convenience, so that we can deliver a wide variety of services and products to support the health and wellbeing of your livestock. Since the very beginning, we have cared for these small farm animals, and here’s how our farm vet services for sheep are here to support you.

Routine and Preventative care

To avoid most illnesses and diseases, prevention is key, which is why it’s important to work with a veterinarian to make sure that you’re setting up your flock for long-term health and wellness. In our ruminant ward, we provide examinations, castrations, dehorning, foot trimming, flock health planning and vaccinations, and other preventative treatments and procedures. Also, since ruminants have a very specialized digestive system, they have different nutritional requirements than other species. At Langley Animal clinic, our specialized veterinarians have the expertise and experience to set your flock up with optimal nutritional guidance and recommendations, ensuring the best long-term health outcomes for your sheep.

Treatment of Disease and Illness

No matter how much you prepare your flock, illnesses and diseases can happen. Our in-house services and mobile lab are here for the diagnosis and treatment of your sheep in the case of not so common and common ailments such as issues of intestinal parasitism, urinary stones, bloat and metabolic diseases. Prompt attention is paramount to the survival of your animals and we are equipped to provide urgent care either at our clinic or your farm.

Reproductive Health

Reproductive services for your sheep may include examination, preparation, maternity care, parturition, and postpartum care. We offer early pregnancy diagnosis, ultrasound fetal sexing, post-partum reproductive health checks, and determination of estrus cycles. We handle embryo transfers in the ways of embryo collection, embryo sex determination, freezing and implantation. We are also here to help with obstetrics, including difficult parturition and if needed, caesarean sections. Post-natal care includes colostrum management, naval care and treatment of neonate scours (diarrhea).


In addition to providing extensive care for your sheep, we also offer many products that are pertinent to their care. These products are available for pick-up, online ordering and delivery to suit your needs.

For any more information on how we can support the needs of your flock or if you need a farm vet for sheep, call us at Langley Animal Clinic to arrange an appointment. We will work with you and your particular circumstances to get your animal on the track to better health.

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