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Langley Animal Hospital has a full range of Pet Flea Control options so that we can make sure that your pet gets the treatment that is right for them, not just a generic “one shoe fits all” treatment.

To understand pet flea control, the flea life cycle must first be understood. Below is a video illustration of the multi-stages that fleas go through resulting in adults that are found on dogs, cats, and wildlife in the lower mainland area.

Flea Life Cycle

Comprehensive Flea Treatment

Flea treatment should be done monthly to prevent home infestations. Just a few adults can lay hundreds of eggs a day and huge infestations can develop rapidly.

The highest times for flea infestations are early spring all the way through till late autumn. The recommendation is to maintain flea control throughout the year.

Our pet hospital stocks an extensive range of flea and worm (parasite) treatments in order to tailor the treatment to best meet your pet’s needs. All Langley veterinary products are prescription based which means two things.

  • That they are guaranteed to be effective when used correctly unlike many of the products sold in pet or grocery stores
  • Dispensing of these medications can only be done if the animal has been seen at the clinic at some time or has valid prescription from another clinic

Easy To Apply Pet Flea Treatments

Simple Flea Management

  • Fleas: adults and juveniles
  • Fleas: present in the house.
  • Worms of all ages and types.
  • Ticks and lice treatments.

For more information about pet flea specific products see below:

Pet Flea Control Products

  • Revolution
  • Advantage multi
  • Nexgard and Nexgard Spectra
  • Advantix – dogs only
  • Bravecto

Pet Flea Only Products

  • Capstar
  • Advantage II
  • Program

Worm Only Products

  • Simparica
  • Dolpac
  • Milbemax – cats only
  • Profender – cats only

Contact us about pet flea control veterinary options.

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