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Spay and Neuter Specialists

You can say that our veterinary clinic specializes in spay and neuter procedures.  We have a team of experienced veterinarians, veterinary technicians and assistants that are dedicated for surgeries Monday through Friday every week.

Spaying a dog or cat and neutering a dog or cat is an important part of pet population control but that it also benefits you and your pet by:

  • Decreasing aggression both towards your pet and by your pet
  • Lowering the incidence of mammary, prostatic, or testicular cancers in your pet
  • Decreasing roaming and bolting behavior by your pet
  • Decreasing dominance behavior by your pet

As with all surgeries at Langley Animal Clinic, our strategy is to provide top quality care. Our number one priority is your pet’s well-being, so we focus on safe anesthesia, proficient surgeons, and effective pain control.

Spaying a Cat Information

Learn more about the spaying a cat and neutering a cat in Langley ( Langley animal clinic has included the cost associated with spaying and neutering your cat on it’s own page.

Spaying a Dog & Neutering a Dog Fees

Spaying a dog weight chart:

0-40Lbs is $98.80

41-60Lbs is $118.65

61-80Lbs is $133.39

81-100Lbs is $150.56

Over 100lbs is $3.33/Lbs

Neutering a dog weight chart:

0-40Lbs is $78.70

41-60Lbs is $96.72

61-80Lbs is $116.59

81-100Lbs is $138.85

Over 100Lbs is $3.15/Lbs

Pain medication is dosed by weight starting at $14.70 for pain injections; medications to go home after surgery are also dosed by weight and will be priced out at the time of surgery

Premium packages are offered starting at $54.46 up to $78.77- these include ECG monitoring, identification, tattoo or microchip, pain medications and pain medication to go home

Pain medication is mandatory with all dog & cat surgeries

Cone collars for all spays and neuters are required and are priced depending on size prices start at $5.24 to $15.82

These prices do not include taxes
For more spaying a dog & neutering a dog information please contact us at:  langleyanimalclinic5(AT)gmail(DOT)com or call 604-534-4813

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